How to use a cookie press efficiently and conveniently


Ever since I can remember, my mother used to make cookies on Christmas Eve and hand them over as gifts to our relatives, be they closer or distant. She made a batch for our family and my brother and I used to finish it as quickly as possible. Back then, she didn’t use that many appliances, so her work in the kitchen took quite a bit of time.

Because of the memories I have of my mom from when I was a child, I started doing the same once I married and had two kids. However, the great difference between she and I is that I have little to no time at my disposal, which is why cooking is a chore more than a passion that I can comfortably dedicate myself to. That’s how I ended up searching for a device or a gadget that would help me make cookies in a timely fashion.

Just like most modern consumers do, I took to the internet to find out more about how I can make the most of my kitchen without having to engage in some time-consuming activity. Soon enough, I found out that there’s a product called a cookie press that can assist you in making uniformly shaped cookies.

Of course, the adventure didn’t stop there as there were a bunch of models that I had to consider before deciding to purchase a particular one. I went online and looked at the ratings and reviews that others just like me had written about the products they had chosen. One of the benefits ensured by the best cookie press, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t rely on any type of power. You use your hands to make biscuits and a variety of sweet or savory snacks.

Actually, most of the models I came across are particularly affordable, with many of them being priced just under twenty dollars. So, in a way, I was reassured that I didn’t have to spend a lot of money just in case I had the bad luck of ordering a hardly usable model. Something that I want to add and would recommend to anyone who might be interested in acquiring such a product is checking to see how many discs are included with the unit. While some tips can be used strictly for making cookies, others are far more versatile and can even allow you to decorate cakes or fill up deviled eggs.

After going through dozens of consumer reports, I ended up buying a model from OXO. Of course, this is a brand I had heard about in the past as it’s quite popular among homemakers looking for new kitchen gadgets. What won me over about this alternative was the fact that it came with twelve stainless steel cookie disks. I could, therefore, use it to make all sorts of patterns, be they of hearts, snowflakes, trees, or fleur-de-lis.




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