Taking great pictures with a point and shoot camera


In the world of Smartphone, a point-and-shoot camera is still holding its place firmly. It is lovingly called a compact camera and has the advantage of simple working but brilliant output if handled carefully. It has a simple construction with the autofocus system, automatic use of the required exposure settings and the flash units to provide extra light for a perfect image. Here are a few tips to take great pictures with a point and shoot camera.

With a Point and shoot camera, the limited dynamic range will ruin an image when you are capturing a long distance scenery with various depths of objects like a mountain. To handle such shooting challenges you need a p&s camera with a good zoom and shoot the picture towards an opposite direction of the sun. With this you will you will get images with the right exposure.

The point and shoot cameras do have the option to control the focus but it is rather slow. If you are trying to shoot a picture of a moving car, running kid or the flying birds, you may not be satisfied with your output. So keep your skills limited to the still people or fixed objects. However, with a little practice, you will be able to take satisfactory images of certain slow moving objects. You have to make sure that you keep a significant gap between focusing camera and pressing the click button. Another alternative is half pressing the shutter for such needs.

The compact cameras are manufactured to provide ease of photography even by the naive. So, most manual controls are either missing or are very little in capability. For example choosing the right aperture is a prerequisite to a high-quality picture. But you cannot have this capability in a point and shoot camera. This problem can be overcome by slowing down the shutter speed so that images are as clear as the actual scene.

Chose the lightning flash option in case you are shooting images in dark. Night pictures are the poorest ones with a point and shoot camera. If you are capturing in a place where some source of light is present then you should select the right flash options so that the additional light make the picture a better capture.


Select the resolution that suits the best to a picture of your imagination. Try this out and you will actually see a difference in picture quality. This is also true for the way you hold the camera while shooting. You have to hold in portrait when shooting people and if you are capturing a scenery keep it in landscape position.


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