Taking great pictures with a point and shoot camera


In the world of Smartphone, a point-and-shoot camera is still holding its place firmly. It is lovingly called a compact camera and has the advantage of simple working but brilliant output if handled carefully. It has a simple construction with the autofocus system, automatic use of the required exposure settings and the flash units to provide extra light for a perfect image. Here are a few tips to take great pictures with a point and shoot camera.

With a Point and shoot camera, the limited dynamic range will ruin an image when you are capturing a long distance scenery with various depths of objects like a mountain. To handle such shooting challenges you need a p&s camera with a good zoom and shoot the picture towards an opposite direction of the sun. With this you will you will get images with the right exposure.

The point and shoot cameras do have the option to control the focus but it is rather slow. If you are trying to shoot a picture of a moving car, running kid or the flying birds, you may not be satisfied with your output. So keep your skills limited to the still people or fixed objects. However, with a little practice, you will be able to take satisfactory images of certain slow moving objects. You have to make sure that you keep a significant gap between focusing camera and pressing the click button. Another alternative is half pressing the shutter for such needs.

The compact cameras are manufactured to provide ease of photography even by the naive. So, most manual controls are either missing or are very little in capability. For example choosing the right aperture is a prerequisite to a high-quality picture. But you cannot have this capability in a point and shoot camera. This problem can be overcome by slowing down the shutter speed so that images are as clear as the actual scene.

Chose the lightning flash option in case you are shooting images in dark. Night pictures are the poorest ones with a point and shoot camera. If you are capturing in a place where some source of light is present then you should select the right flash options so that the additional light make the picture a better capture.


Select the resolution that suits the best to a picture of your imagination. Try this out and you will actually see a difference in picture quality. This is also true for the way you hold the camera while shooting. You have to hold in portrait when shooting people and if you are capturing a scenery keep it in landscape position.

3 slingbox alternatives you should consider


If you are the type of person who likes turning their home into a true entertainment center, then a slingbox is exactly what you need. Streaming your favorite shows, or other types of media, to cover all the devices in your household should be made easy, and that is exactly what a slingbox is all about.

You don’t have to think about putting a new TV in every room of the house. If there is a streaming alternative that is so easy to take, why bother? I want to show you right now three slingbox alternatives that will make your life easier, and more fun.

Slingbox 500

This slingbox is the optimal choice if you want to connect all the devices in your household as parts of the entertainment center you are setting up. It doesn’t matter if you want to connect your PC, your tablet, your Mac, or your laptop since all connectivities necessary are in place.

The 1080p output makes watching your favorite TV shows, sports events, and everything else, a real delight. The easy to use interface allows you to stream live programs, and you can even save your favorites. The only requirement for enjoying all these is to have a reliable Internet connection.

A great thing about this model is that it works with multiple routers without a problem. The remote control provided with your purchase makes things easy, and overall, this alternative is convenient and will make your life easier.

Roku 2 4210R

Any selection for the best slingbox alternatives should have the Roku 2 4210R included. The streaming media player offers a robust solution to all your needs since it is an improvement over the previous model.

The compact design is a selling point since many people prefer having new devices that do not end cluttering the space. The excellent connectivity offers you the possibility to connect any device you want with the slingbox alternative. 4 HDMI ports, a microSD slot, and Ethernet connectivity make the Roku a great buy.

You will gain access to plenty of high-quality media content, and you will be able to stream all your favorite programs without a glitch. Its fast operation is one of its biggest advantages.

Vulkano Flow

The Vulkano Flow is the last option I will include here. I must mention that limiting the choices to only three was not exactly easy and that you may find other models that are more to your liking.

This particular slingbox alternative allows you to connect via Wi-Fi and the 3G network for mobile phones, to gain access to plenty of great content. You can use this one for recording your favorite shows and watch them later, and it must be mentioned that setting up the device is fast and easy.





3 photography books that have helped me get better


Despite the patent rewiring of our brains in the modern age to get sated with just brief 140-character texts through tweets and social media posts, I am one of those who still values the written word. In fact, devouring written literature serves as my therapy of sorts as well as a fantastic source of many things about photography.

These are only three of the books on photography that have helped me become better at the craft.

I picked up Understanding Exposure by Bryan Petersen back in the day when I was just groping my way as a beginner in photography. It definitely stands out for being the most helpful, in immeasurable ways. This is the book I grab when I am in need of a refresher.

It has been instrumental in helping me transition from the basic point and shoot modes to the more creative functionalities of my camera. Notwithstanding the unassuming title, this book has helped me tremendously with composition, depth of field, and plenty of other essential aspects of the craft.

There are pictures galore, and the book provides an easy and straightforward reading about lighting and shutter speed, the basic photography triumvirate, the basics of aperture, among many others.

What They Didn’t Teach You In Photo School: The secrets of the trade that will make you a success in the industry by Demetrius Fordham is another great find. While joining workshops and classes provide a wonderful means of learning the critical skills that will allow you to take spectacular photos, they do not ultimately teach you how to actually be a photographer.

This book, however, helps you turn from a talented amateur to a professional with a solid reputation. If you intend to make you own mark and create a solid business in photography, you will genuinely learn a lot from the hard-earned lessons Fordham passes on from his own high-flying career in editorial, commercial, and lifestyle photography.

Not only does the book teach you how to develop an exceptional portfolio but it also helps you learn how to snag the best assistant roles and internships, impress at interviews, and lay the solid groundwork for a profitable career.

Written by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, and Paul Fuqua, Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, is an amazingly magical resource on photographic lighting that has been heavily recommended in circles for years. Suffice it to say the book has become a well-respected guide and has undergone thorough updating and revisions on the design and content.

Today, it has been produced in full color. The book teaches about a logical theory of photographic lighting that novices can learn a lot from in terms of being able to foresee results prior to the light setup. Learn about the principles and nature of light, specifically the comprehensive theory of the two components in expressing creativity.

Those three books are worth the money and have helped me enormously in my journey as a photographer.


Photography Basics


Are you interested in photography? Check out this video to learn the basics of this fine art.


How to use a cookie press efficiently and conveniently


Ever since I can remember, my mother used to make cookies on Christmas Eve and hand them over as gifts to our relatives, be they closer or distant. She made a batch for our family and my brother and I used to finish it as quickly as possible. Back then, she didn’t use that many appliances, so her work in the kitchen took quite a bit of time.

Because of the memories I have of my mom from when I was a child, I started doing the same once I married and had two kids. However, the great difference between she and I is that I have little to no time at my disposal, which is why cooking is a chore more than a passion that I can comfortably dedicate myself to. That’s how I ended up searching for a device or a gadget that would help me make cookies in a timely fashion.

Just like most modern consumers do, I took to the internet to find out more about how I can make the most of my kitchen without having to engage in some time-consuming activity. Soon enough, I found out that there’s a product called a cookie press that can assist you in making uniformly shaped cookies.

Of course, the adventure didn’t stop there as there were a bunch of models that I had to consider before deciding to purchase a particular one. I went online and looked at the ratings and reviews that others just like me had written about the products they had chosen. One of the benefits ensured by the best cookie press, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t rely on any type of power. You use your hands to make biscuits and a variety of sweet or savory snacks.

Actually, most of the models I came across are particularly affordable, with many of them being priced just under twenty dollars. So, in a way, I was reassured that I didn’t have to spend a lot of money just in case I had the bad luck of ordering a hardly usable model. Something that I want to add and would recommend to anyone who might be interested in acquiring such a product is checking to see how many discs are included with the unit. While some tips can be used strictly for making cookies, others are far more versatile and can even allow you to decorate cakes or fill up deviled eggs.

After going through dozens of consumer reports, I ended up buying a model from OXO. Of course, this is a brand I had heard about in the past as it’s quite popular among homemakers looking for new kitchen gadgets. What won me over about this alternative was the fact that it came with twelve stainless steel cookie disks. I could, therefore, use it to make all sorts of patterns, be they of hearts, snowflakes, trees, or fleur-de-lis.